what we did this week 9/22/19

I was just looking at the pictures for this week and it feels more like 2 weeks have passed by! Between caring for an injured horse, cleaning up outside and trying to start our garden the time just flew by. The animals required so much extra time this week. Molly finally was able to walk … Read more

birdhouses and bikes

birdhouses and bikes

Birdhouses and bikes, what more could a little girl want? When big sis first saw the bird feeder in the front tree, she instantly wanted to paint it. I thought no big deal, we’ll pick up some paint and some birdseed next time we go to the store. The bird feeder is pretty cool after … Read more

busy board

Big sis has always been into everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.  Take it apart, take it all out, stack it together, see how many will fit, etc.  So when I saw the idea of a busy board online, I knew I had to make one.  I have rearranged it twice now, added more stuff to … Read more

pulley and bucket

A whole two days after getting the big yellow slide (aka the play set) all finished, I’d heard “help bring my babies up,” “help with little bear,” “bunny wants to slide too,” and when I wasn’t paying enough attention…”MOM, heeellp pleeeeasse!” Let’s just say, I didn’t prepare for the fact that every single one of … Read more

big yellow slide

We got a new play set!! Yes, I am incredibly excited…maybe even more than big sis, but only because she doesn’t realize what this giant hunk of wood and broken big yellow slide will soon be. At 2 years old, big sis loves to climb, run, jump and swing on anything and everything. Going to … Read more

fabric covered storage bins

Fabric covered storage bins are perfect to hold all the little things kids need in a somewhat organized manner. Big girl bed for toddler = freedom to empty all the dresser drawers at night.  I don’t mind the clothes being pulled out so much, but the little things like headbands, socks and diapers are the … Read more

quote art

Quote art is a super easy way to decorate a blank wall, especially if you have a saying you love. Yes, there are a ton for sale in just about every store, but I’m cheap, so I made my own with a printer and glue. The whole project took only a couple of hours and … Read more

DIY can lights

In the last place we lived, we had a fireplace with a giant mantle. It was the perfect place to set decorations, but it was in the corner, without any lights. The whole point of putting out decorations is for people to see them, right? I looked at several perforated can lights to buy and … Read more

box play kitchen

Who knew car seats come in car seat shaped boxes that can easily be converted into a cardboard box play kitchen? Not me. I knew the time for a bigger car seat would come sooner or later, but it seems like it just happened overnight. Last month big sis was a few inches from the … Read more

hanging baby toys

Hanging baby toys can make any space more fun. At 3 months old, big sis decided she wasn’t going to sleep in her cradle anymore. It was a very pretty wooden cradle made by my grandpa, that has been passed through the family for the last 25 or so years. So in an effort to … Read more