chickens, crafts, and a bucking bronco

chickens, crafts, and a bucking bronco

Chickens, crafts, and a bucking bronco pretty much sums up this week. Holding the baby chicks is still very high on the day to day priorities for the girls. They are getting bigger each week and watching them grow has been fun for everyone. The rest of our flock however, needed some attention too. Their coop was very poorly laid out and not very cleanable. That’s ok with just a few chickens, but considering we don’t have just a few anymore, it needed to be updated. This week we worked on building a bigger roosting rack. The old one was flat and pretty low to the ground, taking up half the coop and not holding all the chickens. The girls made great helpers and handed me all of the screws as we went along to raise it higher and add in extra rows. I wasn’t sure the chickens would get up that high, but they have no problem and the top is the most desired spot now.

Big sis has been asking me constantly when I would put up her bucking bronco. This barrel was already made and hung in the back shed, so all I had to do was hang it in the tree. Finally, I got it up. The hammock had to come down for the winter so it seemed like an appropriate replacement since it doesn’t stay wet. It’s up, it works and big sis likes it. Lil sis thinks it too hard to stay on and unlike her sister, she doesn’t think you should get back on when you fall off.

More ornaments (aka painted pinecones) were made and more cards were painted with the leftover paint.

Once they were dry, we hung all the ornaments on the tree. It is complete now with skeleton lights, sticks, pinecones and 4 actual ornaments that somehow haven’t been broken yet. Lil sis very loudly announced to everyone nearby that we had skeletons on our christmas tree when asked what she liked about Christmas. We got a few weird looks, but everyone understood after I explained that she was very sad we didn’t get to put them up in time for halloween because we were painting.

The girls also took turns driving to and from the mailbox. Big sis actually tries to stay on the driveway and lil sis mostly just sticks her tongue out…the entire way!

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