chickens, horses and cleaning

Chickens, horses and cleaning, then sleep and repeat. Feed the chickens, feed the horses, feed the family. Clean the coop, clean the stalls and clean the house. Surprisingly, the girls are still into helping at least on the first two and sometimes on the third. With extra chickens in the coop now, we have had to do more cleaning. The baby chicks aren’t looking so small anymore, but they are still cute and must be visited daily. They also regularly still come into the house to “play.”

The biggest babies of the farm also get daily treats. Big sis takes it upon herself to brush them every chance she gets. The mud has been relentless here and the horses roll in it almost every day. Instead of having a white, black and brown horse, we usually have 3 brown ones. Yuck! Mud, poop and all, does not stop the girls from wanting to sit on them though.

Inside the house, we’ve been doing a little decorating and a whole lot of cleaning. I finally got my first barn wood project completed and I think it came out really cute. Now I just need to figure out where to hang it.

chickens, horses and cleaning

We also did a little science experiment to find out what baking soda and vinegar do. The girls made their cups overflow, then the bowls, then they tried with spoons. After all the baking soda was gone, me asking them to clean up the floor under the table turned into them cleaning the table and then the dryer. I have no idea why, but when they asked if they could, of course the answer was yes!



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