cookies, cakes, and a whole lot of presents

cookies, cakes, and a whole lot of presents

What a crazy week it’s been. Cookies, cakes, and a whole lot of presents! The beautiful weather has pretty much kept us all outside as much as possible. Mucking stalls, cleaning the coop, cleaning the brooder and climbing trees.

Once chores were done, we worked on something a lot more fun. I had full intentions of having it be done and hung outside with a big red bow as a surprise, but that just wasn’t looking realistic 2 days before Christmas and dad working extra hours because all his employees wanted to be with their families. Instead, I decided to have them help me build it. Lil sis was thrilled to just hold the drill and pretend she was drilling. She helped me hold it to actually drill too. Big sis was a great helper with inserting the bolts and both girls swung until it was time to eat.

Christmas Eve was spent picking up chicken feed and making cookies for santa.¬†We completely devoured the last batch of cookies we made (we’re up to 2 per week here recently) just in time to not have any cookies for santa. Oops! This was the first year the girls have been home for Christmas, meaning it’s also the first year we’ve been able to bake santa cookies, and have them wake up to “see” if he came or not. We made more cookies, made more frosting and decorated yet another lovely tray of cookies. Then they helped wash the dishes and dad had to show off his muscles.

Lucky for the girls, santa did come. They were so excited to see their stockings were full the next morning. They opened presents, and played with all their new stuff.

Big sis just had to do one of her new craft kits too. We will have an entire yard of painted rocks very soon.

After lunch, everyone went back outside to swing some more. When it’s 60 degrees on Christmas and you get nice warm jammies that you absolutely just HAD to wear the moment you opened them, you end up taking them back off and swinging naked…at least in our house.

Next up, was a cake. Not just any cake, but a rainbow cake…with rainbow ice cream! Then, more presents and more playing.

Even after all the craziness that occurred in our house the last few days, this dog is still here. I can’t possibly imagine how bad his life could’ve been for him to actually want to stay at our house. He puts up with being dragged into puddles, picked up by every body part and even finishes up his doggy days by letting big sis hold colored pencils in his paw because “Chex wants to color too!”

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