dining room chandelier

The dining room is finally finished!! I think. We finally got around to hanging up the dining room chandelier. The room has been mostly complete for a while now, but I just haven’t been happy with the decorations or the light fixture. Nothing seemed to balance the awkward cabinet that covers the a/c unit and the light was blah. After having a chandelier style fixture in our last place forever, I sort of missed that look here. When we bought the house, the dining room had the same $7 round light with a glass dish that is still spread throughout the rest of the house. Not terrible, but definitely not something that you look at and say “ooh” about. When my dad informed me he was putting in a new chandelier in his house and would have one up for grabs, I couldn’t pass it up! Because the previous light fixture had a bigger base and a billion coats of paint around it, putting up the dining room chandelier did require some sanding and painting of the ceiling – which is most of the reason why it took me so long to install it, the rest of it was just me being lazy. Dining room chandelier

I always forget how big of a difference a light fixture can make!