playing bob the builder

“Mom, we’re like Bob the builder!” I heard that on more than one occasion this week. We spent the first half of the week playing bob the builder, building a tv stand. This lovely old door was part of our wood pile coming into this house and I knew I wanted to build something out of it. I decided a tv stand would be a cool way to use it. We just happened to have enough other scraps to make this thing work out.

The girls were ever so helpful with stacking 5000 barbies and babies all over it every step of the way. Big sis was convinced that this was her barbie house. Yes, I told her we were going to work on it soon, but she just couldn’t understand that this wasn’t it. Once all the pieces were cut, the whole project came together pretty quickly. I had help sanding the wood, then drilling holes, and finally screwing it all together. The only thing the girls weren’t allowed to help on was the staining. That’s just too messy. Not bad for the price of a box of screws, right?

About halfway through this project we were rudely interrupted….with a chicken massacre. Not 1 or 2, but 13 chickens!! Remember how I really wanted to see a possum because I’d never seen one before? Well, this wasn’t exactly what I was thinking. The first morning I went out to the coop to find this big hole dug under the side of the coop and 7 dead chickens. Uh oh. We cleaned it all back up, plugged the hole and made our way to the store for a trap. Unfortunately, we had an event that night and we didn’t make it back in time. ┬áThe little guy came back and got 6 more before 9pm. The only good news is, that he happened to be in the coop when we got home and dad quickly eliminated the problem.

The chickens are all back to normal now and even big goldie has decided that it’s safe to sleep in the coop again. The trap lives in the shed now just in case another ones decides to come back. I had no idea possums were this big and check out those teeth!

Ok, back to playing bob. Now for the start of the real barbie house! First, we built the frame. Then the girls gladly assisted in painting it. They officially got pink paint one every article of clothing they had on. It’s a good thing their coats are mostly pink anyways. It took us another few days of playing bob the builder to finish it up, so you’ll have to wait until next week to see the finished house.

Other happenings this week included our weekly grocery trip. We’ve just about gotten the whole 2 shopping carts down. I still wouldn’t risk wearing sandals around lil sis, but thankfully I have a few more months to get her trained better before it’s sandal season. The girls made the front page of the newspaper too for attending story time at the library (Picture by Austin Rust). Big sis couldn’t believe she was in the paper. They baked as usual. We also tried very unsuccessfully to have a little fire with all the wood scraps made from our projects.




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