pulley and bucket

pulley and bucket

A whole two days after getting the big yellow slide (aka the play set) all finished, I’d heard “help bring my babies up,” “help with little bear,” “bunny wants to slide too,” and when I wasn’t paying enough attention…”MOM, heeellp pleeeeasse!” Let’s just say, I didn’t prepare for the fact that every single one of big sis’s toys would have to go up and down the play set too, all the while hindering her ability to play by herself. So we made yet another trip to the hardware store for a pulley and bucket. It was a quick and easy install, thanks to grandpa’s help.

pulley and bucket: install pulley

I purchased a cheap pulley, but not the smallest one available because I wasn’t sure the rope I wanted would fit through it. The only two things it needed to do was fit a rope thicker than string and swivel so it couldn’t get twisted. Weight capacity wasn’t an issue I was concerned with. If the object weighed more than a pulley could handle, it also weighed more than my 2 year old could pull up. We used a large eyelet to attach it to the play structure. It was left sticking out slightly to keep the pulley off the play structure farther. A simple key ring was used to connect the pulley to the eyelet temporarily, but we soon switched it out with a small carabiner to make it stronger. I also purchased the tie-off piece for the rope, but after installing the bucket and realizing that if I didn’t tie it onto the play structure (in a knot), big sis would just untie it and let the rope fall completely out. FAIL.

pulley and bucket: tie on bucket and GO

Once the bucket was installed it took a quick lesson on how to actually use this. First, insert baby. Head down=baby stays in, head up=baby falls out. She’s a quick learner. Next, run around and climb up. Then hand over hand until the bucket appears. Reach out and grab it and pull it over the side. Take baby/toys/pine cones out. Voila!

Extra trips up and down to bring up all her stuffed animals = extra tired at nap time. Plus…self sufficient 2 year old means far less trips for mom to help bring animal up. Win-win!