showing grandma around

The girls are so lucky to have so many grandmas. They are spoiled beyond belief because of it too. So far, 2 of the 4 have now visited. When you have a whole week to do stuff you can really spend time showing grandma around. We went to several of the places we’ve been to before as well as a few new ones too. We started off with Serpents Mound. The viewing tower is still the girls’ favorite part. Racing dad is definitely a close second.

We went to check out the Loveland Castle. One man built it over the course of his life. Amazing and strange all the same.

Next stop (we drove forever in between because NOTHING is close to anything here) was the Moonville tunnel. It’s an old train rail line that’s supposedly haunted due to a train collision. It was a beautiful fall hike and a nice break after sitting in the car for so long.

Dad also made up his mind (finally) and picked out a tractor. Driving it home at 20mph for 30 miles made me really appreciate that we normally don’t have to go that slow. Once home though, dad decided to test it out. He first cleaned up the mud in the horse shelter. Then he went down the hill to test out its ability to take down some of the dead trees and old stumps we have. No problem. I think it’s safe to say, he likes it….A LOT!

The girls like it too. They now have their own personal tractor ride! Lil sis even fell asleep despite the incredibly bumpy ride.

The girls also decorated cupcakes with grandma. It was a fun project, but it was definitely all about the looks. The cake turned out all kinds of weird and really didn’t taste like cake at all. The girls didn’t care because they really only wanted the frosting and sprinkles anyways. I guess that’s what you get for $1 boxed cupcakes. Oh well.

showing grandma around


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  1. Great pictures and comments, thanks for all the updates, really cool being able to see the girls and hear about farm life, we’re really looking forward to be able to come visit. Karie started a new job, Rocky Mountain home health closed there doors after 40 years in business ? she’s know working for abode home health care manager of operations, and we are dealing with mom ( great grandma) she’s been in and out of the hospital last several weeks, failing, took her car away, having to do shopping, laundry, cleaning etc headed for long term care, she might make it till after the holidays, so between work for both of us and taking care of mom things are busy, Happy thanksgiving, glad to hear things are good, we love you all, talk soon

  2. Sorry to hear about grandma, juggling everything would definitely keep you both busy. Once everything settles down, we’d love to have you visit!

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