thank goodness for rain suits

This past week has been a lot of rain. From drizzles to downpours, we’ve had it all. Thank goodness for rain suits! We shoveled poop, collected eggs, put in some new fence posts and of course biked…A LOT. We got to see the driveway go from an inch of water to a foot, in a matter of minutes and we also got to see the wash turn into a mini creek. The girls wanted to walk down to the actual creek and it looked more like a river! The girls both really enjoyed the challenge of biking through the puddles in the driveway. The first couple times big sis went through she had no trouble blazing through the water.  As the rain came down, the puddles got deeper and longer and a lot harder. Big sis could almost make it through still and lil sis was perfectly happy just to be pushed. We took turns going through the giant puddle until my hamstrings couldn’t possibly bend over any longer!

I suggested we splash in the “puddles” instead and both girls gladly agreed. Big sis happily splashed around and lil sis could barely stand up in the deep parts. Big sis wanted to see where the water was going so we followed it through the horse pasture, down to where it rushed into the pond.

After everyone was soaked, (rain suits definitely aren’t meant for swimming) it was back inside for dry clothes and hot chocolate. That’s pretty much been our routine for several days this week! All the rain filled up our birdbath too, which apparently meant snowflake should drink from it. It’s a bit small in my opinion, but he came back a few times until he finally knocked the whole thing over! Horses in the yard also means we need to fix the fence… hence why I didn’t have time to type this until halfway through this week. Oh well.

thank goodness for rain suits



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