what we did this week 10/20/19

what we did this week 10/20/19

Halloween costumes and fishing were the major highlights of what we did this week. Trick or treat is this next Friday, so we decided it was time to get the girls’ costumes in the works. Big sis decided she wanted to be a horse, so lil sis decided she would be a WILD horse. Don’t ask what the difference is, but if you ask her what she wants to be, she’ll say a wild horse every time haha. In the city, we would just go to all the different thrift stores until we found 2 costumes and be set. Here, that’s not an option. We tried going to the closest one (which is 40 min. away) and it was nothing like the thrift stores we used to have. Sad, but I guess that’s one thing we’ll have to get used to. So we had to take a more creative route and make them some horse costumes. Sweatshirts, cheap fleece blankets, glitter paint, and googly eyes, because everything is better with googly eyes. The girls both really enjoyed their craft time making them too.

They still aren’t put together yet, so you’ll have to wait for Halloween to see them, but I think they’ll make some pretty cute horses. In between costumes and fishing, the girls got to go to a friends house and love on their dogs and jump on their trampoline. We will have many more of those days to come hopefully! It wouldn’t be a typical week if I didn’t include at least one photo of the girls on their horses…just feeding and brushing, because you just can’t do either from the ground.

Our other big adventure this week was a fishing trip. There are lakes everywhere, we just haven’t had the time to check any out yet. We drove to one of the bigger lakes to test our luck and see if the girls could actually catch a fish or two. We tried first off this little shore and although you could see the fish, none were biting. So we hopped back in the car and drove around to the dam side, where supposedly fishing is a lot better. The lake was absolutely beautiful, and the girls both had fun climbing up and down the rocky hills. They collected a bunch of sticks and made a teepee for the fairies, complete with an old glow stick and a very well used rubber worm. Then, it happened…barbie caught a fish. This pole is the cheapest, most pathetic excuse for a fishing pole, but somehow it always catches the first (and in this case the only) fish. The girls both checked out the fish, touched it and then watched it swim away. As soon as the sun started to go down, we had to give up and head home.

Look at this sunset!


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