what we did this week 10/27/19

This week was the official Halloween celebration here so we had lots to do to prepare for that. The girls were so excited to finish up their horse costumes and test them out. They also were great helpers in making props for our trunk or treat day at the church. Each family chose a theme, so of course we picked a farm theme for ours. The girls both enjoyed drilling holes in the bean bag board and screwing together “fences.” Once the board was built, they cut some squares out of the old curtains to make some bean bags. I sewed them up and they filled all of them up with beans. Then they proceeded to practice their bean bag tossing for the next hour…at least.

Many of the trick or treaters came back by our farm to feed the pig a second time so I guess the girls weren’t the only ones who liked the game. For the rest of our farm, dad dressed up as a farmer, I was a scarecrow, and the girls were horses. We also had the painted cows from the front of our barn, a barrel and saddle, and of course, our nicest chicken. She very patiently hung out with us for the event and let all the little kids pet her.

After trunk or treat, the girls were excited to go walk through the houses and go trick or treating. It lasted all of maybe 30 minutes and they were done. I guess when you eat candy for an entire hour prior to going to get more candy, it’s just not as fun. There were some pretty fancy decorations though and we all enjoyed those. We’ve also been enjoying the beautiful fall colors that are finally starting to appear. The girls have requested several hikes to see the orange trees by the creek, and will stand on stools in front of the kitchen window regularly to watch the birds. So far, we have cardinals, blue jays, and a heron that make almost daily appearances.

We’ve also had the regular farm chores. Big sis is becoming an excellent horse care taker. She tries so hard to lift up giant shovels of poop into the wheel barrow. She does actually do a pretty good job of raking poop piles for me though, so I am not complaining. Lil sis loves to feed the chickens and they both have been checking on the garden. The radishes are getting bigger, although it’s still in question whether we actually get to eat one before they freeze.

The rain has been making some really nice puddles for biking too. We made it to the lake again and lil sis found a new “car” to drive around the farm on.

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