what we did this week 9/22/19

what we did this week 9/22/19

I was just looking at the pictures for this week and it feels more like 2 weeks have passed by! Between caring for an injured horse, cleaning up outside and trying to start our garden the time just flew by. The animals required so much extra time this week. Molly finally was able to walk back up to the stable and I was so thankful she could get her own water again. The girls really liked having her at their level to feed and groom, but I think we all agree that it’s much better that she feels good! We weren’t sure whether she was going to be able to stay here or if finding her a flatter pasture was a better option. We had a horse trainer come by and check things out and she said just keep doing what we were doing and that the horses had come a long way in the short time we’ve had them. She also thought Molly would be fine and would learn her way around better as time goes on. That was good to hear because she really is a very sweet horse. We still had to make some tough decisions about the other animals though. We only have 3 covered stables as of now and that’s not enough shelters for all the animals through winter. So we had to decide if we were going to get rid of some of the horses, build some new animal houses, or get rid of the goats and pig. The horses won and we decided trying to build a new pig pen and a goat pen was too much work on top of everything else we have to do. So the girls gave the goats treats, and walked the pig one last time before they went to their new homes. They also chilled out with ice water and chickens, and enjoyed their walks around the house on Snowflake.

Without as many animals to care for, my morning chore load lightened significantly which means I can actually spend some time doing the one thing I really wanted to do…garden. It’s a little late to do much with it this year, but I figured it would be a good time to start cleaning it up and clearing the weeds. We have a few sad berry bushes that really needed to be planted too. The goats pretty much ate everything they could on a few of the bushes, so I’m not sure they will even make it, but they stand a much better chance planted than in a tiny pot. Dad did some MAJOR weed whacking, resulting in several more bonfires in the near future. We also discovered a raised planter box and a compost area that was completely buried in the weeds.

Absolutely nothing was accomplished inside the house this week. We did however get the 3rd stable cleaned out. It was a giant pile of wood, trash, and a little hay. The girls carried a lot of the small boards out and then gladly fed some hay treats to the horses.

Now we just need a place to actually store hay this winter. Next project is…cleaning out the spider/mouse/rat/junk infested back shed. Totally looking forward to this one…NOT!

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