what we did this week 9/29/19

what we did this week 9/29/19

Another week filled with fun and chores on the farm. We had fun playing with horses and chickens, and a lot of not so fun just plain working our butts off. Our air conditioner decided to give up so we’ve all been hot. The house holds heat really well, which will be nice for winter, but for now it means we’ve been outside ore than inside. We have another hot week forecast for this week and then supposedly it’s going to cool down for the fall. The girls learned they can “play” with the chickens by making them food…tea party style. They fill up their tea cups with water and put treats out on plates. The chickens happily oblige by eating the food and drinking the water. Everyone has fun so it’s a win-win.

We also took on a huge project this week of cleaning out one of the sheds. It was full of trash and bugs and a few snake skins, which for me is really gross!  The thought of a snake coming out of one of the thousand trash piles in there gives me the heebie jeebies! We found only 2 intact skins and of course the girls thought they were cool to play with. I just have a little more trash in the loft part to haul out and we will be ready for hay to move in. We still have several truck beds full of trash to haul away, but at least its sorted out and ready to go now.

There has also been lots of poop scooping going on and lots of fires to burn all the weeds. Its getting dark earlier too, which means the frogs are out earlier. The girls were afraid to pick up the first frog we found, but having to wait a whole day to have the chance to catch another one meant neither girl was going to pass up the opportunity the second time.

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  1. Hi girls I’ve been watching your posts what a great way to be able to see pictures and info on how life is going for all of you keep it going
    Sorry to hear about the air conditioner

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