welcome to our chicken hotel

welcome to our chicken hotel

The chickens are starting to go crazy laying, so we needed to update the nesting boxes. Welcome to our chicken hotel! We spent just about every afternoon outside this week working on cleaning out the chicken coop and building new nesting boxes. The girls did pretty good at entertaining themselves while I did my best to put this thing together. They made a “water slide” for their babies. They jumped off the trailer a thousand times. They colored on the wood in their pj’s. Lil sis (aka baby tarzan), colored on the wood in her undies.

They walked the dog while sporting some very fashionable farm attire. I asked what happened to her pants and she said it was too hot for pants, she just needed a coat. Um…ok??? Then they made a teeter totter and big sis bounced lil sis until she decided it was no fun that she couldn’t bounce her back.

Then they decided to bring some chicks out to see the yard. Why not? While they’re out seeing the yard, they should probably experience the tire swing too!

Then finally…..they came back to color the finished boxes one last time before dad would help hang them up on his next morning off.

welcome to our chicken hotel

Speaking of the chicks….they are getting BIG.

As soon as I turn the lights out for bed we get this….every single night. Yes, chickens can sound like ducks. Yes they are incredibly annoying. (There’s no picture because as soon as the lights come on, they stop)

nighty night chicks

Time for them to move out. Next weeks project.

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