what we did this week 9/22/19

I was just looking at the pictures for this week and it feels more like 2 weeks have passed by! Between caring for an injured horse, cleaning up outside and trying to start our garden the time just flew by. The animals required so much extra time this week. Molly finally was able to walk … Read more

what we did this week 9/15/19

what we did this week

Trying to decide which project to work on next is the hardest part of my life right now. The house still looks like a tornado came through and I can’t even really clean it up until we get the paint on the walls. The barn looks equally as bad and I need to get the … Read more

what we did this week 9/8/19

what we did this week

We finally had some time this week to work more with the horses. They are trusting us more and not as reluctant to being handled. Snowflake is one of my favorites because he is a gentle walker. He’s a pain to get a halter on, but once it’s on he’s pretty good. The girls think … Read more

what we did this week 9/1/19

what we did this week

I have been trying for 3 days to get this posted, but something always comes up. The electric fence isn’t working very well right now, which meant the wild half of the horses escaped. Not once, but twice! Thankfully they stay in our yard, but trying to get them back into their corral in the … Read more