what we did this week 10/20/19

what we did this week

Halloween costumes and fishing were the major highlights of what we did this week. Trick or treat is this next Friday, so we decided it was time to get the girls’ costumes in the works. Big sis decided she wanted to be a horse, so lil sis decided she would be a WILD horse. Don’t … Read more

what we did this week 10/13/19

what we did this week

In preparation for our first family visit, we finished putting the table together and cleaned up the dining room. We still have more work to do in here (look at those curtains!), but in the mean time, at least we have a real table to eat our meals at. Other than finishing the table, here’s … Read more

what we did this week 10/6/19

Two major projects completed this week. The gross shed is officially all cleaned out and half full of hay! What a nasty project this was, so thankful its over! When I thought I had just a little more stuff in the loft, it turned into WAY more boxes than I ever thought could be up … Read more

what we did this week 9/29/19

Another week filled with fun and chores on the farm. We had fun playing with horses and chickens, and a lot of not so fun just plain working our butts off. Our air conditioner decided to give up so we’ve all been hot. The house holds heat really well, which will be nice for winter, … Read more