adorable little fluff butts

The baby chicks hatched this weekend and I still can’t get over these adorable little fluff butts.  With that said, I’ll just go ahead and apologize now for the mass amount of pictures about to come. Between the girls oohing and ahhing and my own amazement with them hatching, I just couldn’t stop taking pictures. Then dad came home and starting taking his own. Aren’t these adorable little fluff butts just so stinking cute?

The first pip happened on Friday afternoon and we spent most of Friday night and Saturday watching the first babies make their way out. Watching the girls watch them was almost as good as watching the actual chicks. They were so entertained. Every single time!

On Friday night we had 3 babies. On Saturday morning the first thing the girls did after waking up… was run out and check on the chicks. There were 6!

By Saturday night we had 10 little babies and we moved the last few into the brooder. Dad said no more chicks in the house, but he didn’t carry the brooder out of the house fast enough either. So…here we are again, with a tank full of chicks in the dining room. I am totally good with that, as long as they are out before they get big and smelly like last time.

Prior to chicks, we did a major yard cleanup. I pruned trees while the girls climbed each one as soon as it was pruned. Big sis said she was testing out which tree was the best climbing tree. Lil sis couldn’t get more than a few feet off the ground, but that was probably for the better.

Big sis helped chop down a rose bush and both girls wanted to go for a ride on the mower. The yard clean up was finished up with a nice big fire to burn all the sticks and of course…marshmallows.

All the rain in the first part of the week promoted a LOT of crafts. One day the girls painted. The next day they decided to make a neighborhood for their car stickers. Then they decorated barbie dresses. After that, they made fly traps. They wanted to have a race to see who could catch more flies, but the wind very rudely blew over lil sis’s container…twice. Then it blew over our entire egg stand.  Stupid wind!

Outside, we tried our hardest to perform the mentos and coke trick. We had a nice flowing volcano, but no 3′ spew like I’ve seen online. We will have to revisit this experiment armed with diet soda next time. Supposedly that helps. The rain left us plenty of mud and water to play in and the warm weather allowed for more than 10 minutes of entertainment before being freezing.

Dad also took us on a little fishing adventure. We saw a couple turtles and possibly a few fish. Big sis said she wanted to carry the tackle box back. She did good for about 100 steps and decided she didn’t want to anymore. Dad offered to take it if she could hand it to him while he was walking. She managed to carry it at least half way home while trying. Nice thinking dad!

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