big roost went from farm to plate

Big roost went from farm to plate. That darn rooster has been a never-ending issue for them on our farm for longer than I’d like to admit. We tried everything from pinning it down into submission, beating it with sticks, holding him upside down….nothing worked. All the fixes worked temporarily, but sooner or later he would come back to strike again. Dumb guy!

The girls were so excited to see big roost gone that they wanted to help dad dress it and get it ready to cook. Big sis said it was the best school lesson she’s ever had! Dad showed them the heart, the wings, the legs, and then cleaned it all up. Big sis decided he had the coolest feet. They do feel cool, I’ll give her that.

The girls have access to the back yard too, now that big roost is gone. Lil sis goes out to check on her frogs multiple times per day. She hasn’t fallen in yet, which still amazes me. Luckily it’s not deep in case she does. Every time she misses one, she asks me if she can have daddy’s net. I laugh because although a net would be helpful, she needs the coordination to actually use it first.bye bye big roost

Chex also got to go on his first fishing family fishing trip. He did a lot better than I expected and he just might get to go along on the next one too. The girls made fairy houses, played with minnows, caught a baby turtle and thanks to a very nice guy fishing next to us, they got to reel in some of his fish and then catch one of their own! After he was done in his spot, he told us to move over and where to find a school of crappie’s. Sure enough, big sis had a bite and lil sis caught a fish! Even though lil sis reeled it in, she did not want to hold it. Big sis went for it and she wanted to hold it for so long I wasn’t sure if it would be able to swim away.

The turtles out here are everywhere. I never thought wild turtles would be a thing…but they are here! We found this tiny little one on a log where were fishing and dad picked it up for the girls to see. It was just bigger than a quarter. We had just found a much bigger turtle in our back field on a little walk we took the day before too. The girls think we need a pet turtle, but I think we have enough pets for now.

bye bye big roost

We burned more of our wood pile too. The girls are becoming excellent marshmallow toasters (maybe more like burners). We also planted the flowers we got from church, took a horse ride, anticipated the rhododendrons blooming and of course, held baby chicks.

The girls also had a wonderful day playing in the creek with their friends. Oh how we’ve missed having friends to play with!

bye bye big roost

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