Easter fun and a new mud kitchen

This week was all about Easter fun and a new mud kitchen. The eggs had to be colored first. The girls wanted to make sure they had at least one egg of each color. Then they stated the dip dying and really making a mess. After each egg was died once, they went back for a second round, and sometimes a third.   I didn’t even realize you can die eggs almost black. Lesson learned. Both girls also completely died their hands!

Along with all the Easter fun, also came spring pictures. I was hoping to have these done in time to mail out for Easter, but that didn’t exactly happen, so spring pictures they will be. In my head I had the most adorable picture of the girls with their chicks. That quickly turned into chicks pooping on their Easter dresses and girls doing everything other than pose for a picture. 500 tries later, we somehow managed to come out with one good one. The chicks got their own brief photo shoot too. They are getting so big already!

For Easter, dad hid the eggs while the girls did their morning “school” activities. Leave it to dad to hide eggs in the horse poop….nice one! Both girls made out with a huge basket full of eggs.

After the egg hunt, the girls wanted to try out their new chalk paint. While they painted I hung up their swing bars. We used to have one at our last house, and they ask regularly for one here. Now they have it.

While the weather allowed, we also hung up the hammock. The girls missed it all winter. We also (finally) built the mud kitchen. I saw this idea a year ago, and I knew then it was something I wanted to make. The last owners of this house happened to leave an old kitchen counter and sink so we were able to fashion this up all in an afternoon. We used wood from our scrap pile, and filled the kitchen up with items that were left in our kitchen. They have pans, strainers, measuring cups, alls kinds of grill utensils, ice trays, canisters and of course a big jug dad brought home from work for the water. They play with it every single chance they get until their fingers get too cold.


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