gardening, art, and garden art

This week was all about gardening, art, and garden art. Staying at home is starting to make me appreciate our weekly trips to the grocery store that much more. If nothing else, they were a time to get out of the house. Now, we have to get out of the house by going….to the back yard.

We did a TON of gardening this week. Dad helped clean up the old garden area and we made it much bigger. He cut down several trees, removed stumps, and cleaned up some way overgrown vines. The girls helped load all the sticks and little logs into the tractor so we could take them to the fire pile. They also did a great job cleaning up all the trash that had gotten stuck in the weed pile. Between a crystal excavating kit and lots of worms, the girls both stayed occupied for a solid day of garden preparation. The girls were a little bummed that the fire was so huge they couldn’t even get close enough to roast marshmallows, but dad helped out and toasted a few for them.

The next day was all about planting some of the early seeds. We finally put in the garlic, the onions and all of the leafy greens. I’m pretty sure we are going to have lots of lettuce all over the garden, because big sis just couldn’t figure out how to pour seeds out of the package without spilling them everywhere. Oh well. Lil sis did a little planting, but she was way more interested in the worms. She even made herself a worm bracelet…so pretty!

The horses got some extra special attention too. Chocolate muffin was absolutely loving the grass. She would lay down and eat everything around her, then move 10 feet and start again. The girls both love when the horses lay down because they can reach all the parts they can’t usually. After the horses were all brushed out, our field was covered in giant hair clumps. I used to think brushing our husky was bad, man was I clueless!

The girls also 4-wheeled all around and played a lot on the tire swing. These warm spring days have been so nice!

The girls made their very first apple pies this week. Our neighbor asked if we’d bake them one, so I made one and of course the girls wanted to make their very own right along with me. As big sis was putting the apples in hers she kindly informed me that her pie was like a trash can. I asked how and she replied “because it’s easting the apples all up”. Ok then!

Virtual story time this week was ever so fitting. It was a story about rabbits who repeatedly snuck in and ate the garden. The suggested craft was to make a bunny. Big sis said she wanted to not only make a bunny, but a whole garden! So, we also did some paper gardening. She decided that her bunnies had to be dressed too, so she drew clothes on them. Lil sis said hers just wanted to be “nakey”.

Last but not least, we have one lovely bath painting. By far the best one I have seen so far. I asked big sis what this was and she said “it’s a blueberry stand, a strawberry stand, and a lemonade stand and the numbers are how many people are at each stand. Can’t you see that mom?”

gardening, art, and garden art

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