happy birthday to Chex

Happy birthday to Chex! When we picked Chex up from being neutered, I had one question for the vet, “How old is this dog?.” He responded that he was right about a year old. Before we could even get to the truck, big sis said “mama, if Chex is 1, then he needs a birthday party!” Of course he does. Coming from the child that randomly requests birthdays for every stuffed animal, her imaginary friends, and even a movie character that didn’t get to celebrate her birthday before the movie ended, this really was no surprise.

So…we went along with it and baked him some carrot cupcakes and sang him a very off key happy birthday to Chex song. Big sis even managed to find him a new ball at the discount store for a present. Perfect! She wrapped it all up for him and then helped him unwrap it when it was time. Dad made sure to give him a proper cake smash and he wasn’t so sure about that. He did enjoy his cupcake afterwards though.

Once the party was over, it was back to the usual activities for the week. We finally found a doctor out here and after a visit, of course the barbies also had to go to their doctor. Big sis was definitely paying attention when the nurse went through all the family history questions. Her barbie came to the doctor and said she had diabetes! Doctor barbie attempted to cure her and sent her on her way. Next was lil sis’s barbie. She had dials! It was her attempt at saying diabetes, but we all laughed. Then big sis brought another barbie in for a checkup. She had porchis. I told her I hadn’t heard of that one before and she explained that it’s when you are really sick. If you don’t get better right away, you will turn into a porch. Oh no!

We had another excited moment of “Mom I found something you just have to see!” Thankfully, this time it was for these beautiful purple flowers, not coyote poop. The birds have been scouting out the birdhouses and the girls like to watch them go in and out. The geese have also been using the pond as a resting spot. They are pretty, but they are so loud!

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