more frogs, more gardening

More frogs, more gardening. Lil sis can’t get enough of them….ever! She wakes up and immediately goes out “to tell the frogs morning.” Everyday. Sometimes she even puts on a pretty dress to do it in, because she says the frogs like her dress. So cute.

The tadpoles are getting big and they actual back legs this week. Lil sis also found a glidys and tried to bring it to the porch too. It escaped under the house and she sat and pouted about it for a good 15 minutes! I had a very hard time not laughing at her. Another night, we worked on cleaning up the front pasture and she found a toad. I had no idea she had it so when she asked for a ride in the tractor and climbed and dropped her toad on my leg, it was a rude surprise! This kid is always carrying around something.

Dad took the girls on another night time frog hunt because that’s pretty much all they want to do when he comes home. More frogs. They caught another bucket full of creatures and everyone went to bed tired and satisfied.


We planted the rest of the tomatoes this week too. I’m curious to see how long they last though considering 2 of the plants have already been dug up by something in the night. I’ve pretty much decided this years garden is going to be lettuce, radishes and berries. Maybe a few tomatoes if they last long enough to produce anything.

The chicks got a nice break with all the frog hunts, but they have not been forgotten. The girls have been showing them the yard, finding them bugs and taking them for bike rides.

Dad also decided it was time to take the boat out. Big sis jumped into the lake so many times! Lil sis took one big jump and decided it was too scary to repeat. We will definitely have to work on that.

The girls both cooked up some serious mud and took plenty of bike rides in their undies. We all watched as the rhododendron got more blooms too. It’s so beautiful!

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