new chicks, old chicks, and a toad

Chicks, chicks and more chicks! New chicks, old chicks, and a toad. It’s a good thing chickens don’t eat toads, because then we’d only have chicks.

At the first sign of a pip, the girls were both intently watching the incubator. I thought this wouldn’t be as exciting since they had just seen it 3 weeks ago, but they waited intently this whole time too! We ended up with 16 more chicks.

The girls decided that as soon as they were in the brooder, the big chicks should meet the new chicks. It’s crazy how much they grow in 3 weeks! old chick, new chicks, and a toad

The girls aren’t allowed to hold and play with the baby chicks yet, so the bigger chicks continue to get way more attention than they would like. They get snuggled, hand fed, and the occasional broom ride.

Now for the toad. First, the toad was almost stepped on by a horse. Then it was stepped on by 2 different chickens. The poor thing was hanging out in the wrong place during feeding time. Big sis was so excited, she picked it up because she had to show off “her” find to lil sis. They both held it, until I finally convinced them both that the toad needed to be put down. They both try so hard now to catch the frogs in the pond, but unfortunately for them, frogs are much faster!

Other happenings included making masks, installing new shelves in the cabinet, painting a sign, planting flowers, visiting the spring, biking, mud puddles, and playing hide and seek chicken. The places the chickens choose to rest still continue to amaze me.


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