rainy days and more chicks

Rain, rain, go away! We have had nothing but rainy days and more chicks. The weather has been chilly, which means we have been in the house more than I’d like, and the chicks have been inside longer than I was hoping for.

The girls have been doing a ton of baking. Apple cobbler, cookies, zucchini bread and anything else we can think of to pass the time. Big sis is starting to be a great helper. She now knows all of the measuring cup sizes and is working her way to knowing all the spoons too! It’s so nice to be a able to say “can you grab the 1/3 cup please?” without later having to explain which one is the 1/3 cup. Dumping the measuring cups and turning the mixer on are lil sis’s favorite part. Oh and eating batter. They both think that’s the best part.

We also had more chicks hatch. Thankfully, this is the last batch for right now because I’m tired of having them all in the house! Big sis was paying way more attention to the eggs in the incubator than I was (as usual) and she noticed the first pip (as usual). Once she sees the first one, she does regular checks and provides regular updates on any and every movement. Once the chicks start hatching, both girls watch. The girls ask to eat every meal next to the incubator. I love their enthusiasm every time! The excitement was over 17 tiny babies later. Our white leghorn eggs did end up hatching and they made the blondest little chicks! I’d love to have one of the hens hatch some now, but that doesn’t seem likely at this point.

Look at how fast these chicks grow! This is a 6 week old, a 3 week old and just hatched.

rainy days and more chicks

The biggest chicks we have are now are almost ready to be out of the house, but the weather isn’t staying warm enough at night yet. The girls have been taking them outside every day and we finally got the outside brooder rebuilt, so they can stay out there during the day. It makes the house so much quieter!

The girls have also been blowing lots of bubbles in between rain storms and of course playing in the rain a lot! A few mornings ago, it hailed and the first thing the girls wanted to do after getting out of bed…was go run around in it! We’ve had so many rainy days, that the girls’ rain suits haven’t even been hung up. They toss them down and come in for a while and then go back out. I’m so glad they enjoy playing outside even when it’s raining because apparently we are in a for a lot of rainy days here! The horses must be loving the weather too. They immediately all laid down to roll around in the wet grass when I let them out. Big sis says they look like giant doggies when they do that.

Our weekly trips to the grocery store have been so beautiful too! Bright yellow flowers are everywhere. I know they are weeds, but they just look so pretty field after field.

rainy days and more chicks

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