soaking up the sunshine

This week has been all about soaking up the sunshine. More outside time has resulted in more bug bites for all of us! I have officially lost count of the number of frogs and toads we’ve caught, but finding them and listening to their noises is still an exciting activity. I wish I had something besides frog pictures to share with you, but unfortunately frogs have been life. Seriously.

The first night frog hunt we had was a huge success. We ended up with lots of toads, several of the big frogs and this one little tree frog that happened to be in the big frogs mouth when dad caught it. Lil sis was is frog heaven!

The girls also took advantage of the frogs soaking up the sunshine in the small pond up by the house. They caught several and relocated them (temporarily) to their wading pool. Who wouldn’t want to swim with frogs?

Lil sis decided the big frogs name was glidys, but the tadpoles were too little for names. After that, we did some gardening and found another toad in our blackberry bush!

Dad found another turtle too. This one was extra pretty. The girls inspected how its shell opened and closed, and then they took it back to the pond. Big sis had to wash up immediately because apparently turtles smell worse than frogs!

We managed to clean up another big stick pile too. 5 down, 1 million to go! The girls had chalk parties and picnics with the chicks. The rhododendron is finally starting to bloom and it’s already so pretty. I also learned that a thump on the window at night might not just be a bug attracted to the lights inside. It could be a frog coming to eat the bugs that are attracted to the light!

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