spring showers bring new mailboxes

At our house, spring showers bring new mailboxes. Yes, they bring flowers and bright green grass and lots of weeds too, but the new mailbox was the biggest improvement for this week. All the rain makes it hard to get anything done outside. When we get a few sunny afternoons, or even a few days without rain, it’s go time on all of the outdoor projects. Our old mailbox has been a particular problem in all this rain because the door doesn’t shut. Open door + rain = really soggy mail.

Dad dug the hole and we painted the post. Unlike in the city, there are no requirements on how it should look. So of course we chose bright turquoise, because why not? The girls did their part in helping by collecting all the worms they could find in the soggy soil. At one point, big sis had at least 10 in her hand. I told them to collect worms for the garden, but every time they picked one up, they dropped most of the others.

We decided to do a trash cleanup while we were waiting for the concrete to set up. Together, we picked up 2 trash bags worth of stuff in 10 minutes. Still more to go, but it’s a little less trashy then it was. We found a huge pile of deer hair and lil sis picked up these deer teeth to bring back to the dog. No need to buy bones from the pet store out here!

spring showers bring mailboxes After the concrete was set up enough, dad helped the girls make handprints. We did this at our last house too and big sis used to love to go out and see how much bigger her hand was. Here, they will have to go a lot farther to check, but I doubt that will stop them! Once the concrete was completely set, dad attached the mailbox and voila!

I love it! Our mail will stay dry now too and I love that even more.

Spring showers have also brought us a LOT of water. In the creek, in the wash, and in the driveway. The girls played in the foam, them moved down to the flatter part to splash around. I have no idea how they can stand to be in this water, because it it freezing!

The girls asked if they could go play down there so I said yes. Then they asked if they could take their shoes off, so I said yes. Then they wanted their coats off, so I said they could, but they needed to remember it was chilly out. They took them off anyways. Not 10 minutes later they both started complaining their feet were cold. Typical.

On Sunday morning, we woke up and the girls were ready to go to church. When I told them they couldn’t go because it was closed, big sis said she had an idea of something else we could do instead. Roast marshmallows. Um… ok? I guess they did eat breakfast first, right? One thing spring showers do not bring…dry wood. Lighting a fire was a bigger challenge than I was anticipating. Finally we got a little one going and they roasted away. Lil sis had to have an extra long stick and big sis, had to choose her own. I think we all ate our fair share of pine tasting dirty marshmallows. Sometimes it’s all about the journey and not the gross marshmallow destination.

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