the biggest frog


This week dad caught the biggest frog! Lil sis was in frog heaven! She held it, then smooched and then threw a fit when it was time to put it back. She said it’s name was big beefy. I have no idea where that came from, but it was a fitting name so we went with it, it was beefy!

The girls played in the sandbox all week. In the sun, the rain and even in the dark. I decided to try putting sand in the chicken coop and as we were buying sand for the chickens, big sis very politely said she needed some sand too. “If the chickens get sand, I think we should get some too…please mom?” They played it in non stop all week. It compliments the mud kitchen nicely, although it’s a matter of time until their isn’t any sand left in it. Oh well.

The girls tested out their building skills making airplanes. They always enjoy using tools and using them to actually build something recognizable is even better. The planes didn’t fly, and the bottom broke off the first time we tried, but it was still a fun little project.

Big sis wanted to plant more seeds too. It’s probably a little late, but they won’t last anyways so we might as well. Melons and cucumbers were what we had left, so she planted them all to sprout in the window sill.

the biggest frog

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