what we did this week 9/15/19

Trying to decide which project to work on next is the hardest part of my life right now. The house still looks like a tornado came through and I can’t even really clean it up until we get the paint on the walls. The barn looks equally as bad and I need to get the shelves in to actually have a place to put anything to be able to clean up the house…just a little. Our poor blind horse hurt her leg and is having some trouble getting around too. I’ve been carrying buckets of water and food to her, which is quite a workout! We have someone coming out tomorrow to check her out and see if we can make our setup more friendly or if we just need to find her a new home with a flatter pasture and a better seeing eye horse since apparently none of our others are willing to take the job.

The girls have been busy with the animals. The pig has been snuggled, the goats have been walked and the chickens have been caught and held. Over and over and over! We have been playing with the horses and taking any that are willing for walks. Lil sis decided we did not have enough pets already so she asked to keep a caterpillar she found. It escaped the first night into the house. So big sis caught another one the next morning. It escaped that night. Right as I made a new rule about no more caterpillars in the house, big sis found hers and put it back it its jar. Then dad found another for lil sis and there were two again. Then one died and we are back down to one….oh the caterpillar drama!

Not involving animals, the girls did some extreme hammock swinging, some barrel riding and some tree climbing. We also made tortillas (or porpillas as big sis calls them). We went down to explore the creek too. It’s really low right now, but it sure is beautiful!

Inside the house, I finally finished the girls’ bathroom. It’s a very light blue and it looks so much better! I still have to put up some towel hooks, but that’s pretty insignificant in the overall picture right now. We got all the wall paper off the wall in the playroom and it’s just about ready to paint. The girls also helped a lot with the wall paper in the dining room so it will be an easy task to finish up. Maybe I’ll get these painted this week, or maybe not, who knows!

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  1. What a life, what else can kids ask for. You are really making their lives amazing and such a blessing for your family.

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