what we did this week 9/1/19

I have been trying for 3 days to get this posted, but something always comes up. The electric fence isn’t working very well right now, which meant the wild half of the horses escaped. Not once, but twice! Thankfully they stay in our yard, but trying to get them back into their corral in the dark is not an easy task. So instead of having time to type, we have been working hard to repair the fence and to cut the weeds away from it and there are A LOT of weeds! Besides the fence, here’s what we did this week.

The girls have been loving the animals. Everyday they get up and go tell all of them good morning. They chase the goats, catch the chickens, feed the horses and pet the pig. Multiple times a day. Even in the rain! Big sis especially loves to walk down the hill after dinner and watch the horses roll around. They are pretty cute, like really massive dogs rolling around. Lil sis finally learned how to catch a chicken all by herself. She likes to catch them and walk around with them, because they are also “her big babies.” She is still learning to watch out for the rooster though. He does a good job of protecting his hens from anything trying to harm them, including little girls.

We have also been doing lots of chores. Trimming unruly rose bushes, watering and feeding animals and sanding down the girl’s new bed.

And….lots of bike riding. We also unpacked the roller skates. Yes, we have nice smooth floors inside to skate on, but apparently skating in the grass is more fun. Dad gave lil sis a new name too. Baby tarzan, because more often than not, she’s naked!

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  1. The kids look really happy and I know how happy you are as well. The land and animals makes me jealous. Lol

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