what we did this week 9/8/19

We finally had some time this week to work more with the horses. They are trusting us more and not as reluctant to being handled. Snowflake is one of my favorites because he is a gentle walker. He’s a pain to get a halter on, but once it’s on he’s pretty good. The girls think it’s the best thing ever to be able to sit on the horses! Mostly they sit on them while they graze, but we are starting to do some very short walks around the house too. Lil sis has adopted Millsy as her new biking partner because she goes at a much better pace than big sis. Walking the horses has prompted big sis to take on a project of her own. She decided to “train” Peppa Pig to walk on a leash. In reality, Peppa walks her, but hey, they are both happy, so I’m not complaining.

Inside the house we’ve been busy too. I got the girls’ bunk bed sanded and stained and with dad’s help, we finally got it put together. They love it! The girls have also been enjoying ripping the wall paper down. Thankfully it’s not that hard and they did a pretty decent job on the bottom 3 feet of wall. We also got all of the wall strips in the bathroom taken down. So much spackling now to cover the seams, but hopefully we will be able to paint in there next week! We’ve also been enjoying having all our kitchen ware back. Big sis was dying to make cookies. I pulled out the croc pot for dinner one night and big sis said “mom, why is that called a croc pot, I would call it an alligator pot, because I like alligators more!” Big sis also lost her first tooth! It’s been loose for months now and shes been waiting and waiting. She is now anxiously awaiting a trip to the store to spend her tooth fairy money if she doesn’t loose it (again) first.

There were plenty of other shenanigans this week too. The girls have adopted the handrail as their new gymnastics bar. Dad cut down so many branches, we had to have a bonfire. We didn’t have any marshmallows, but they are on the list for next time. The girls learned how to make paint out of poke berries and made a plethora of “nature pictures.” Big sis also tested out the trash can dolly to ride down our barely slanted sidewalk. Not the fastest ride, but the abrupt launch into the grass kept her busy for an entire afternoon. I also spent a morning making goat collars out of the old curtains ties. If big sis is really going to be a goat trainer, she’s going to need a collar. Lil sis wanted one too, so I made it exactly the same for the other goat. Turned out she wanted it for the pig and was sad when it didn’t fit. Can’t win them all!

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