stainless steel pendants

Stainless steel pendants have officially replaced the old heavy stone pendants. Hooray for no more knock outs with 5lb. light covers! The house happened to come complete with these lovely stone like pendants over the kitchen prep area.  I didn’t want to take them out completely because I liked the extra lights, but one of … Read more

dining room chandelier

The dining room is finally finished!! I think. We finally got around to hanging up the dining room chandelier. The room has been mostly complete for a while now, but I just haven’t been happy with the decorations or the light fixture. Nothing seemed to balance the awkward cabinet that covers the a/c unit and … Read more

box play kitchen

Who knew car seats come in car seat shaped boxes that can easily be converted into a cardboard box play kitchen? Not me. I knew the time for a bigger car seat would come sooner or later, but it seems like it just happened overnight. Last month big sis was a few inches from the … Read more

raised planter

Installing a raised planter was a quick way to make a little improvement in our yard, while we began the very SLOW process of planting grass. When we first bought the house, the previous owner did have one wanna-be rosebush in an almost planter. Almost…see? Who doesn’t want a puny rosebush surrounded by laminate flooring? … Read more

hanging baby toys

Hanging baby toys can make any space more fun. At 3 months old, big sis decided she wasn’t going to sleep in her cradle anymore. It was a very pretty wooden cradle made by my grandpa, that has been passed through the family for the last 25 or so years. So in an effort to … Read more

gift bag art

An unused gift bag is the perfect budget friendly wall decor. Gift bag art is super simple to make and costs absolutely nothing, if you already have a frame. Upon the arrival of big sis, the nursery was more of a guest bedroom while we were waiting to get carpeting installed in the actual guest … Read more

watch your step

Watch your step and hopefully don’t trip on the uneven floor. One of the most tedious, yet necessary projects we are so incredibly glad to have done, is leveling the entryway. The first time we saw this house everyone tripped. The second time we heard “watch your step” over and over again. Without a constant … Read more

first room done

First room done! Not sure if it was the right approach or not, but we started with the office for an easier first accomplishment. We knew we couldn’t tackle the whole house at once and this room would be the easiest fix of all of the rooms. Plus, having one room down would be good … Read more

fixer upper

We are officially those people, the ones who took on a gigantic project in the worst time imaginable. A FIXER UPPER! As soon as we found out we were going to become mom and dad, we thought buying a house was a good move. Our condo was great, but not ours, and we had wanted … Read more

condo kitchen redo

The very first remodel we ever did…was a condo. A little paint, some new trim…and a kitchen overhaul. It seemed like a big project at the time, but looking back now, it was no big deal. The kitchen was tiny, and very much straight out of the 1970’s. So in order to bring it up … Read more