gift bag art

An unused gift bag is the perfect budget friendly wall decor. Gift bag art is super simple to make and costs absolutely nothing, if you already have a frame. Upon the arrival of big sis, the nursery was more of a guest bedroom while we were waiting to get carpeting installed in the actual guest bedroom. Once we had carpet, the bed was moved out and it was time to set it up to use it as a nursery. We moved in a dresser and a pack a play that we used for the first few months until we bought a crib. That was it. There were no decorations. I couldn’t leave it like that for long, not that my infant cared either way, but I did. The first thing I did was make something for her to look at while she was in the pack and play. I couldn’t find a mobile that I liked (aka worth my money – they are so expensive now!) so I made one. Then I just needed something for the walls. Once again, I didn’t want to spend money on it and I had this fabulous large gift bag that was given to me full of baby gifts. Gift bag art it was. The best part was that it matched the bright green curtains I had picked out perfectly.

materials list:

  1. Gift bag (needs to be larger than your frame
  2. Scissors
  3. Pen/pencil
  4. Picture frame

gift bag art step 1: take bag apart

Gift bag art take apart bag

gift bag art step 2: trace glass

Gift bag art trace glass

gift bag art step 3: put in frame

Gift bag art put in frame

I love how they turned out! The whole project took about 15 minutes and cost zero dollars since I already had the frames.  I thought for sure I would replace them once I had more time, but they have grown on me and I still like how well they match the rest of the room.

Gift bag art complete