Where did you get those shoes?

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Hey…where did you get those shoes? I get asked that almost every time I wear them. Either people genuinely want to know so they can get some too, or they think they are ridiculous and are just verifying they are in fact, REAL shoes. Either way, I gladly tell them…Amazon. They are actually water shoes. For those of us that absolutely despise wearing shoes, they are perfect. Like socks with soles, in a rainbow of colors. There are literally hundreds of options, so you can find a pair to match anything or just something crazy too!

Where to buy these shoes?

Did you get those on Amazon? Why yes, yes I did. You can search water socks and tons will pop up. Or you can follow these links to a few of my favorites. They aren’t all created equal. Most of these are made of a stretchy thick fabric, but there are some mesh ones thrown in from some of the sellers. Those are fine if you don’t want to cut them into a mary-jane, but if you do, I’d steer clear of those. You can see the pair I tried below these links. These are some of my favorite brands of them and links so you don’t have to go on a wild goose chase.

There are these that come in a variety of bright prints.

HMIYA Aqua Socks

There are these that look more sporty.

L-RUN Aqua Socks

These are what I mean by the “mesh” ones. Please note that this brand also offers non-mesh options and those are some of my favorites that I’ve ordered multiple times.

BARERUN Aqua Socks

You can tell because they are slightly see through in the photos. I did make a pair out of them, and they have held up ok, but not as good as the non-mesh ones. If you looks closely, you can see how the edges are much fuzzier than the others.

You found some you like, now what?

Order, wait, then get them from your mailbox. Once you have your shoes in hand, find some sharp scissors and get to cutting. I like to just freehand mine, but you can draw a pattern if you prefer. Just remember, you can always cut more out, but you can’t put it back, so start small.

I like to cut a little and then try it on, and then cut more and try that on until I like it. Then for the second shoe, I do like to use the piece I cut out as a pattern. Place it upside down since its for the other foot, and trace around it using something washable. Or you can simply just hold it on or pin it to the shoe, if it’s not in too many pieces. Once they are both cut, that’s it!

Put them on your feet and go show them off. I wear these for everything. Walking, working, going to the gym, hiking, yard work….seriously everything. The only time I don’t wear them is if it’s too cold or too wet. The only major downfall to them is that they get wet. If you step in a puddle, BAM! wet feet for the next few hours. It’s not very comfortable. Other than that though, they really are the best!

Wear, wash, repeat.

These shoes are fully washable too. If they get muddy, just wash them. If your feet get sweaty and they smell, wash them. I try to wash mine on the gentle cycle and I do not recommend using the dryer. They air dry pretty quick, especially in the sun. Eventually the sole will start to come unglued or they will rip. It happens. You can either glue it back on, or just make a new pair. I always feel like I got my $10 out of them and just chuck them.

Are they good for kids?

Yes and no. These are not the best shoes for wild younger kiddos. We’ve tried several pairs through the years only to end up with the toes ripped out or detached from the shoe. From about 6 years and on, these shoes have been good for us. This particular pair is one of their favorites because it velcro’s on the top for a tighter fit. My oldest, prefers the non velcro ones because of the colors, but she wears this style for gym class.

Affordable barefoot shoes for the win!

If you aren’t familiar with barefoot shoes, you should really consider reading up on them. I’m not going to go into details as there are many sites that are way more knowledgable than this one. But…If you are into barefoot shoes and the benefits of them, these really are pretty decent shoes. If you just love the fun prints and hate regular shoes, that’s totally cool too!

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