raised planter

Installing a raised planter was a quick way to make a little improvement in our yard, while we began the very SLOW process of planting grass. When we first bought the house, the previous owner did have one wanna-be rosebush in an almost planter. Almost…see? Who doesn’t want a puny rosebush surrounded by laminate flooring?

Raised planter before photo

Yes, the house was two tone because someone was too lazy to match paint, and yes, the rosebush was surrounded by faux wood flooring. The little bit of green you see is 90% weeds, 10% grass and yes, the gutter is blocked by the edging. In an effort to make the house look nicer from the outside, this little mess had to go. What better time to do so then when prepping for new grass?  All of the edging was removed and the ground had to be leveled out.  Once the weeds were all killed off, the new planter begin coming to life.

raised planter: bricks, mulch and bushes

Raised planter bricks, mulch and bushes

Pretty sure I had to rearrange the bricks at least 3 times to get them to fit between the concrete step and the gutter, but it was so worth it. Minus the strip of siding that still needed to be painted and the fact that the grass was down to 0%, it was starting to look better. At the time, I hoped this would let the neighbors know we were working on it….not just going to leave it as a giant mud pit. The two bushes were the only green in our grass yard. Just great. Thankfully little sprigs of grass were coming up here and there, but unless you looked really closely they were easily missed. Other members of the family thought the planter was nice too, as…A BED!

raised planter: update 1 year

Raised planter update 1 year

Update: One year of dog laying on bush and a winter of heavy snow = almost dead bush.  Currently the left one is thriving and the right is barely hanging on, but thanks to a couple of tomato cages I think they will both make it through another year of being a dog bed. Oh and the grass grew, it’s still thin, but green! The siding finally got repainted to match too 🙂

Raised planter complete